Pas-de-Deux on Fumetto


Three Russian artists from here, four Swiss artists from there and voila! the perfect ensemble. In Pas de Deux, three very different couples dance their way through an entire year.

On exhibit is the result of a many-layered comic project: a collaborative effort between Russia and Switzerland. Artists of different generations tell tales of their daily lives, reflecting day-to-day experience, explaining their worlds, opinions, expectations of others, all intimately and exclusively for Fumetto visitors. Artist Wazem dances with Olga Lavrentyeva, Lika Nüssli with Viktoria Lomasko, and Milva Stutz and Julia Marti together with Askold Akishin.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication from Swiss comic magazine Strapazin, and this is only the beginning: A subsequent exhibition of Pas de Deux will be presented in September 2015 at the Boomfest in St. Petersburg.

Exhibition presented by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Made in Russia.


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