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From May 14 till 16th Boomfest will takes part in 2nd international comics festival in Yerevan (Armenia). The Russian program includes exhibition of Oleg Tischenkov and presentation of comics culture in Russia.

Web site of festival – http://www.apbda.org/

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This is an exhibition that opens on April 8 at the festival of comics and illustrations in the town of Bastia (France, Corsica). The exhibition will feature works by Russian comics artists such – Nikolai Maslov, Lena Uzhinova, Victoria Lamasko and Anton Nikolaev, Polina Petrushina, Julia Grigorieva, and illustrators – Zina Surova, Tatiana Kormer, Varvara POMIDOR.

In addition, part of the exhibition will be devoted to the Soviet example, among the authors represented Nathalie Parain, Alexander Rodchenko, Vladimir Lebedev, Elizabeth Ivanovski.

In addition Boomfest the festival also invited our friends – Publishers Samokat from Moscow, which publishes in Russia some of the best books for children.

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The exhibition will be held from March 31 to April 30 at the Museum of the artist and storyteller Stepan Pisakhov (Arkhangelsk, ul. Pomorskaya, 10, tel.: 20 59 78).

The exhibition show the tradition of Finnish comics since the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day. It presented comcis 20s-30s, Moomin comics and the work of contemporary Finnish authors.

March 31 at 18 o’clock a lecture on the history of Finnish comics. Stands Otto Sinisalo – Director of the International comics festival in Helsinki, a member of the Finnish comics Community

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Sorry, only in russian.

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A short film about how we were doing a fresco in Angouleme.
Thanks to Roma Sokolov for creation!

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