Tzeh illustration

«Art re.FLEX» gallery
pr. Bakunina, 5 (m. Ploshchad Vosstaniya)
+7 (812) 332-33-43,
Opening hours: mon-sat 12.00-19.00, sun, mon closed

September 21 – October 14

The association of illustrators Tzeh was formed in 2006 and currently includes more than 50 Russian-speaking illustrators from different countries, from beginners to artists with experience of more than 15 years. The members are from Russia, Ukraine, Europe and the U.S., including some quite well known artists, such as Maria Shabaeva-Krasnova, Oksana Grivina, Victor Melamed, Edik Katyhin, Eugeny Tonkonogy, Protey Temen, members of the design bureau “Pike” and others.

Even though the participants of the union have very different tools of expressions, they are united first of all by their «mutual envy» as they phrase it. Tzeh only gets new members when the members unanimously decide that this new artist is exactly what the union lacks. The scope of work of the association includes more than ten commercial and non-commercial group projects including projects for major international companies. The group considers commercial and non-commercial projects equally important.

The new project, which will be shown at the festival, is a series of stories, squeezed into a single image, comic strips in one frame. In order to focus the viewer on the story as well as to maintain the visual unity of the project, all works were executed in black and white. Judging by the formal features and tools of expression used to create them, these works could be categorized as illustrations, but independent illustrations, which only require a thoughtful and open-minded audience.