September 26 2010, F.M.Dostoevsky’s literary-memorial museum

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Nikitin VS Auclin – an exhibition of two artists who like Russian writer Daniil Kharms and work with his texts. One of them lived and worked in St. Petersburg, the other – in Paris. Each author has his visual style for telling stories Harms – in the first case is black and white naive graphic, in the second is a technique color applications.

Exhibition will be in The F.M.Dostoevsky Literary-Memorial Museum from September 25 till October 13.

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In Perm the modern art festival “Live Perm” proceeds. Boomfest together with the new comics festival “City stories” (Perm) represents some exhibitions: the best competitive works for 3 years of festival, Oleg Tischenkov “CAT +1”, Alexey Nikitin “Jesus has told” and David B. “Epileptic”. Boomfest in Perm represent by Alexey Nikitin and Nikita Litvinov.

More in detail about festival “Live Perm” – (only in russian)

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Article in the newspaper Ouest France

From 1 to February 15, Saint-Petersburg artists Varvara Pomidor and Alexei Nikitin were in the residence of the city Rennes (France), where they meet with comics culture and worked together with the French artists. Now we are waiting for the return visit, which will be held in September this year. The project organize with the festival Periscopages.

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